Why the LEAH Knox Scholars Program?

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Why create the leah knox scholars program?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds relatively few US Black and Hispanic biomedical researchers; the disparity in the workforce pipeline begins prior to college entry. The new SEPA-funded LEAH Knox Scholars Biomedical Research track addresses this workforce issue by attracting and supporting a diverse group of top science students from Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts high schools. These students will be engaged, supported and encouraged to grow their interest in science through a two-year, multi-industry partnership that provides a high-level experiential learning opportunities in the life sciences.

LEAH Knox Scholars BioMedical Research Track Components:

• Summer after 10th grade: Introduction to lab science at MIT

• 11th Grade: Mentor and teach younger students at afterschool programs

• Summer after 11th grade: Placement in university or industry research lab

•12th Grade: Receive guidance, support, and mentoring through the college application process


LEAH KNox Scholar BioMedical Research Track Goal: 

The overall goal of this research track is to support minority students interested in careers as scientific researchers by providing them with the knowledge, skills, experience and mentorship needed to succeed. LEAH Knox Scholars will have a comprehensive set of experiences designed to expose them to science, teaching, leadership, and provide them with important personal relationships and career mentors.